Senin, 13 Februari 2012

Slavek and Slavko, the Euro 2012 mascot

Like Trix and Flix in Austria-Switzerland, Euro 2012 mascot also made up of two font, which are connected with all host, Poland and Ukraine.

Slavek and Slavko is the mascot Euro 2012 of the game linking countries of Europe, whose first name was chosen based on polls conducted by the organizers.

Slavek and Slavko factually earnings glory, getting votes pro 56 percent of the whole 39 233 voters. The first name was defeated Siemko and Strimko and Klemek and Ladko.

Equally with Trix and Flix, the Euro 2012 mascot "twin" of Euro 2008, Slavek and Slavko was furthermore wearing a uniform color of the two host state.

Slavek representing Poland wearing a white suit with a red-back digit 20, while Slavko as a class of the Ukraine wearing a yellow shirt and blue pants with the digit 12.

"The two mascots with the intention of speak for the shared hard work and stanchness of both countries and their football friendship pro the thriving conduct of the 2012 European Cup. We share the same ideas and look forwards to a fun game," explained the chairman of the Football Association of Ukraine, Grigoriy Surkis.

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